About Us

Bosky is a direct investment in “Impact & Efficiency” by Infra Partners, aiming at the Sustainable Management of Tropical Forests, focusing on the multiple use of the forest associated with the use of technology.

We leverage significant experience, credibility, operational and business skills to redefine the way native forests are managed and preserved.

What we do

Sustainable Rainforest Management | ClimateTech | carbon offset

We operate through federal and state forest concessions and privately owned native forests. We focus not only on the sustainable production and marketing of a wide range of certified tropical hardwood, but also on plants native to the rainforest. We provide nature-based, high-quality, large-quantity carbon offsets with strong integrity.

We are also investing in ClimateTech to meet our needs for persistent monitoring of our forests and a clear inventory of different species in our preserved forests.

We believe that the sustainable management of native forests associated with technology is the most effective way to control deforestation and support local communities, creating value with the multiple uses of the standing forest.

Invest for good

Now is the time to invest for good. Bosky is directly addressing several UN Sustainable Development Goals

Native rainforests in the tropics play a critical role in balancing our ecosystems, naturally storing vast amounts of carbon in all the different forms of biomass in a forest and maintaining incredible biodiversity unique to our planet.

Our main objective is to preserve our tropical forests through the implementation of sustainable management of tropical forests to keep the native forest standing, respecting its natural cycle of regeneration, diversifying revenues, offsetting the planet’s carbon emissions and thus taking care of the balance from the earth.