The Bosky Biodiversity Hub uses technology to map the entire ecosystem of the bioeconomy, generating opportunities for sustainable business.

Through geospatial mapping via AI, we register biomes and connect extractive industries and communities via digital platform, developing new business models and products generating value for the entire chain, always respecting the regeneration of native ecosystems.

Our advantages


Mapping, monitoring, markets.


Innovation in processes, products, through research and technology.

Business networks

Business network development.



Biodiversity stamp.



Construction of narratives and positioning.


Brazil has 20% of the known species. Estimates suggest that, if nothing different is done, between 5% and 10% of the species that inhabit tropical forests will be extinct in the next 30 years.

Source: WWF

How we act

We identify gaps and opportunities in the chain, focusing on scale and value, seeking processing mechanisms close to the origin, reducing costs in the supply chain, improving processes and logistics, and developing new products, through research, technology, and business vision, positively impacting the entire ecosystem.

Bosky Biodiversity creates a virtuous cycle where production and protection of forests go hand in hand towards a more sustainable world.

It’s about developing the production chain and the most sustainable products on the market!

In practice


Productivity and scale.


Mapping + origin + traceability + logistical efficiency.


Quality, packaging, storytelling.

Connections & Content

The largest community of Brazilian biodiversity.

Development verticals

We believe that generating value with standing forests is the most sustainable way to take care of the forest, which is why we operate in multiple uses, ensuring the greatest possible value generation with sustainable development and regeneration of areas.



Herbal Medicines

Sustainable energy

Bosky Biodiversity Areas

Forest Management | Technologies | Research&Development&Products | Relationship & Business

We operate through federal and state forest concessions and privately owned native forests. We focus on the sustainable production and commercialization of a wide range of products from Brazilian biodiversity.

We provide nature-based carbon credits that are high quality, large quantity and strong integrity.

We invested in ClimateTech to meet our needs for persistent monitoring of our forests and a clear inventory of different species in our preserved forests.

We are part

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

The leading non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.


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